27 June 2021 - "Prey" - out now!

Published on 27 June 2021 at 16:45

Prey became available on YouTube yesterday - link on the "Appearances" page!  This was really exciting for me, as my first publicly-available performance, and I've had some fantastic feedback so far!

Now, some actors don't want to watch themselves.  I get that.  However, I must have watched this ten times already!  Not out of any self-absorbed reasoning, you understand, but because it's a learning experience.  I was watching every movement, every scene, analysing everything from the way I moved to the way I talked.  I want to know that I can grow and improve, and that I've done a good job on every project I've been a part of.  So far, I'm happy - Prey turned out pretty good (don't take my word for it - go watch it now)!

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