ROPES (Webseries) - Playing the role of Jake, this production will be available on YouTube shortly. Trailer below!

THE FALLEN (Audio Drama) - Playing the role of Glen "Abbot" Blake.  The show is available anywhere you can get your podcasts!  Just search "Eerie Earth - The Fallen".  Short monologue excerpt below.

PREY (Student Film) - Playing the lead role of Carl Dunn.  Now available to view on YouTube - Link Below!

BELLADONNA (Student Film) - Playing a small part of Husband / Andrew.

ARCADIA (Audio drama pilot episode) - A small role of Taxi Driver.  Currently in production.

THE RAILWAY (Sitcom Pilot) - Playing the General Manager of The Railway pub.  Filmed in June 2021.  Currently in production.

The Railway Sitcom Instagram:

ERAS (Doctor Who) (Audio Drama) - Playing the role of The Reprimand.

For more information on this project visit the YouTube page for Gearhead Media.  See the links below for an overview, and my first appearance as The Reprimand!  I will also be appearing in future projects from Gearhead Media.

IN THE DARK (Audio Drama) - A new production I am working on, this will be my first attempt at Writing and Directing, as well as giving myself a part, of course!  More details coming soon...

CROOKED VALLEY - Playing a small dual-role in episode 12 of the popular comedy webseries.  The episode is now available on YouTube, link below!

THE MCKINLEY HAUNTING 2 - DARK NIGHT PARANORMAL (Audio Drama) - Playing a main character of Darren, this one-off audio drama from Eerie Earth is available now on Spotify.

NYCOTPHOBIA (Student Film) - Playing a small audio-only role of the mysterious "Boss".  Follow the film on Instagram:

TAKE HOLD (Feature Film) - My first small feature film role.  More on this soon, shooting in 2022.